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August, 2016

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Sale of perfumes in bulk is innovation for Brazilian market

8/9/2016 - Innovation is critical to the success of a company. Today, the consumer is saturated with informatio

Retail cut slots to adjust to the crisis

8/9/2016 - The crisis in the economy led to a dramatic setting on the job than in naked-number of stores betwee

Unknown, dribble regional crisis

8/9/2016 - Thiago Nagumo, partner at supermarket chain, with 42 stores Nagumo in Sao Paulo State, the most peri

Rental coffee machines extends billing 9.7%

8/9/2016 - The franchisor Amiste Café-specialising in rental of espresso machines and other vending machines-re

Companies Bill to take '' Party '' to the client

8/9/2016 - Increasingly sprayed, the delivery time starts to observe the entry of players before unknown in the

Peanut sales should grow 25% during Olympics

8/8/2016 - Sales of peanuts and derivatives must climb 25% during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The esti

Beauty items for men grow 16% in five years

8/8/2016 - Hygiene and beauty products for the male audience recorded growth of 16% over the past five years. L

Coca-Cola wants to grow in Brazil in 2017

8/8/2016 - Coca-Cola intends to resume growth in Brazil from next year. Who says Honduran Alfredo Rivera, is Pr

Profit of 30.9% high registers Alpargatas

8/8/2016 - The Sneakers, shoe manufacturer, recorded consolidated net profit of 60,200,000 R$ in the second qua

COOP extends drug disposal sites

8/8/2016 - In order to ensure that the medicines are disposed in incorrect locations, the Consumer Cooperative

Sephora opens second store in Porto Alegre

8/8/2016 - The Sephora, beauty products, opens on Friday (05) its second store in Porto Alegre (RS). The new op

Coca-Cola Launches Olympic pins

8/8/2016 - For this edition of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola has announced the launch of 98 different pins. Will

CEAGESP index back up 1.63% in July

8/8/2016 - The price Index of the CEAGESP presented fall of 1.63 percent in July. With the exception of fruits,

Heineken strengthens production to expand cheaper brands

8/8/2016 - Sao Paulo six years ago in Brazil, Heineken has among his ambitions stop being so dependent on a sin

Sam Zell Fund invests in Estapar

8/8/2016 - Parking network Estapar, that has the Bank BTG Pactual as controller and largest shareholder, will r

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