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November, 2015

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Sale of hygiene and cosmetics have fall of 6.7% in the year

11/25/2015 - Sales of cosmetics and hygiene items had 6.7% real fall from January to September over a year earlie

Importation of plates for cans lids falls 91%

11/25/2015 - Buying aluminum from abroad, used in the manufacture of lids of cans for drinks, have presented a si

St Marche evaluates contribution to expansion

11/25/2015 - The partners of the supermarket chain St Marche, which has 20 stores in the country, prepare a new c

Owner of roast chicken sells Mexico operation and reduces contribution

11/25/2015 - In an attempt to find solutions to their difficult financial situation, the International Meal Compa

Breakfast cereal packaging Nutry undergoes renovation

11/25/2015 - After a few years on the market, the breakfast cereal Nutry won a new packaging. The product, which

Internal crisis leads industry to get exports

11/25/2015 - São Paulo-recent results show that, gradually, the Brazilian cocoa has won more space in the interna

Government evaluates Nestlé 's request to import Ethiopian coffee

11/24/2015 - After going back on the decision to authorise the importation of green Arabica coffee from Peru in M

Carrefour expands new concept of hypermarkets

11/24/2015 - Carrefour reinaugurou last Thursday (19/11) two new hypermarkets under the concept of new generation

World wine production rises 2% in 2015

11/24/2015 - World production of wine increased by 2% in 2015 to 275.7 million hectolitres, and Italy has become

Therezópolis Jade will have special packaging for the Jam Session in Montreux

11/24/2015 - The Therezópolis Jade, malt beer India Pale Ale style, the mountain region of Rio, will earn special

Beer industry back to retreat in November

11/24/2015 - The expectation that sales in December will help hold part of the accumulated fall throughout the ye

AmBev says that does not use crisis as excuse for performance

11/24/2015 - The President of Ambev, Bernardo Pinto Paiva, adopted on Monday, 23, a more optimistic and said that

Country will have to import more wheat this year

11/23/2015 - Less than half of the Brazilian wheat production expected this year may be used for human consumptio

Improvement in the quality of the imported footwear manufacturers concerned a...

11/23/2015 - The advancement of quality Asian footwear ever worried about the Brazilian manufacturers. The indust

Increase in the supply of milk imposes new global market falls

11/23/2015 - International prices of powdered milk in the auction of the Global Dairy Trade platform (GDT) return

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