Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Internal crisis leads industry to get exports

São Paulo-recent results show that, gradually, the Brazilian cocoa has won more space in the international market. Because, before an estimated 5% retraction to 7% in the internal processing of this year, export is the only way out for the sector.
On the other hand, the quality Department is still the main factor limiting the consolidation of country among the big buyers, as Europeans, who buy the product coming from Africa.
Between January and October, the export revenue from cocoa and derivatives segment grew 6.4%, the volume shipped rose 3.8% and the average price of the product followed the same route, with a high of 2.4% compared to the same period in 2014, indicate the data of the Bureau of foreign trade (Secex) of the Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade (Mdic).
"The recovery in exports was significant, but it is not resistant. Our largest market buyer is the United States, Argentina is also growing a bit, we don't know to what extent this remains, "said the Executive Secretary of the National Association of Cocoa processors Industries (AIPC), Walter Tegani. On the issue of quality, he explains that the artificial drying process in Brazil is done by burning and smoke residues become a problem for the almond.
In partnership with the Federation of Agriculture of the State of Bahia (Faeb), the Association seeks a production model that can be applied to each region of culture without so much prejudice to commercial. "There is already a system with a barge that can improve this process. Maybe in the medium term we can leverage the export, because the internal market we have no prospects. The advancement of processing is very tied to the economy, "says the expert.
Outside, the Rabobank International projects a global deficit of about 150 1000 tons of almond this season caused by drought in the Ivory Coast and Indonesia-two of the largest producers of culture in the world. The climate problem is a reflection of the El Niño, classified as one of the strongest in the history for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
All these factors led the cocoa Exchange in New York, rising 1.2% in the future market for March, to $ 3.42 1000 per tonne, according to Bloomberg, the highest level since 2011. Only in 2015, the total gain came to 17%.
The cocoa Market Analyst, Adilson Kings, clarifies that, in spite of this strong rise in indicators, is increasingly difficult to pass on the increase to the chocolate. "Here in Brazil the index reaches operating $ 600 below. With that, exporters try to buy for the price here. As we get better quality products, we can stick this blockade, "he says.
DCI - 25/11/2015
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