Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beer industry back to retreat in November

The expectation that sales in December will help hold part of the accumulated fall throughout the year, the beer industry tries to keep the optimism for 2016. According to André Salles, President of the industry association (CervBrasil) and Kirin, Brazil in November sales are back to retreat, after a recovery in the months of August to October.
"December is typically a good month of sales, that can hold the year," said Salles. Until October, the production of beer in Brazil accumulates a fall of 1.7 percent, to 11.05 billion hectolitres. The month of greatest retraction was April, with drop of 12.8%. Between August, September and October, there was a recovery, with high of 5%, 13.9% and 4.1% in comparison with the same period in 2014.
"It has macro environment that is not good, but you have to find alternatives to deliver performance. The Brazil has been through other crises and will get through this too, "said Bernardo P yesterday, President of Ambev, the industry leader with almost 70% of sales.
P. participated, along with Presidents of other breweries, an event of the industry association (CervBrasil), in São Paulo. He said Ambev is investing $ 3 billion this year and in the last five were more than $ 12 billion, said Paiva.
"Crisis is for people who don't want to work. Who wants to work has no crisis, "said the President of grupo Petrópolis, Valter Lima. To him, entrepreneurs need to let the crisis politics aside and focus on what they do best, produce beer. "We are not politicians," said Lima.
About 2016, Salles highlighted measures taken by manufacturers to reduce costs and try to get the industry has performed "less worse" than the rest of the economy, such as increasing the distribution, diversify product lines and invest in new packaging. "Innovation is an important point," he said.
Didier Debrosse, President of Heineken, said don't believe the bad time for the economy and go on selling special beers impact, which is the focus of the company. "In times of crisis in Europe, we saw the consumption of premium beers grow," he said. For him, it's difficult to make forecasts to 2016 because of the uncertainty that surrounds the Brazil. For him, the next year will perform similar to 2015. "Let's see," he said.
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