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September, 2015

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Pharmacies want to become medical centers

9/10/2015 - Even resilient with respect to the economic crisis the pharmacies and want to go beyond the sale of

Smartphone sales fall 13% in 2nd Qtr

9/10/2015 - Smartphone sales fell 13 percent in Brazil in the second quarter compared with the same period last

Italian Chiesi wants to double in size in Brazil until 2020

9/9/2015 - Until 2020, the Italian laboratory Chiesi plans to double the size of the Brazilian operation, which

McDonald's will sell stores in Brazil

9/9/2015 - There is a plan to sell part of the McDonald's restaurants in Brazil, business managed by Arcos Dora

Plastic bags are back up in RS

9/9/2015 - The project of law No. 216/2011, created by State representative Ronaldo Santini (PTB), reascende th

Hirota launches line of Oriental ready meals

9/9/2015 - With 16 stores in São Paulo, the supermarket chain Hirota, founded by Japanese family, celebrates 43

Food service grows more than the franchise industry

9/9/2015 - With 45 franchises in Brazil, rede Parmeggio Grill follow optimistic. To the Director of network ope

Production of glass can fall 5% with lower demand for real estate and cars

9/9/2015 - The national glass industry can register a pullback of up to 5% this year, down mainly by the fall i

Nestle sees room to grow in Brazil in the medium term

9/8/2015 - Nestle's sales have grown at annual pace of a digit in Brazil in recent quarters, the company consid

Dairy exports recording growth of 116.2% in July

9/8/2015 - The dollar appreciated has favored exports of various sectors linked to agribusiness. One of the seg

CRS Brands Expands line of Drinks

9/8/2015 - Sex On The Beach Sex On The Beach the new flavor Sex On The Beach will begin to be produced in mid-O

Accumulated exports of pigmeat in natura grow 7.8%

9/8/2015 - In rate of growth since may, Brazilian exports of pig meat in natura accumulate a 7.8 percent growth

Companies try to postpone new rates from Anvisa

9/8/2015 - Associations of the sectors of personal hygiene, cosmetics and perfumes and cleaning products try to

Durable goods segment of the country reverts fall

9/4/2015 - According to industry research released yesterday by the Brazilian Institute of Geografira and stati

After a decade of stagnation, Pizza Hut makes aggressive expansion in the cou...

9/4/2015 - The order of the array is not taking the foot off the gas, despite the crisis, and to pursue the goa

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