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September, 2015

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Healthy biscuit category helps to increase sales of manufacturers

9/18/2015 - The biscuit category with healthy appeal has helped companies in the segment to increase sales this

Abiquim: chemical industry trade deficit back up 15.1% from January to August

9/18/2015 - The deficit of the trade balance in the chemical industry are in downward trend this year, reflectin

Leveraging spaces on the packaging of beauty products

9/18/2015 - The inner content of the beauty products cartridges may seem uninteresting, an area easy to ignore.

Line of adhesives Henkel optimizes labelling processes of glass bottles

9/18/2015 - The application in returnable bottles is an important criterion for adhesives for labelling of glass

AB Inbev has to convince two shareholders

9/18/2015 - At a Conference of the brewing sector held last year in Arizona, a journalist asked Alan Clark if it

Together, AB InBev and SABMiller would have more than 30% of the global market

9/17/2015 - Last year, the Belgian-Brazilian company controlled by 3 g Capital dominated 20.8% of the global mar

Eurofarma Sanofi factory purchase Brazilian in Argentina

9/17/2015 - Eurofarma, Brazilian multinational pharmaceutical, took another step in its internationalization, wi

Milk production drops in first half

9/17/2015 - The Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) announced on day 15 September Quarterly S

Acquisition of SABMiller brewing departs from roots in Africa

9/17/2015 - The acquisition of SABMiller Plc for larger competitor Anheuser-Busch InBev NV strayed so far the Lo

"The impacts of the Economic Scenario for the consumer Baskets"

9/17/2015 - Nielsen and Cepêra do lecture in event of the OPEN On 30 September day, the breakfast OPENS – Bra

Cargill near buy two more power plants

9/17/2015 - The Black River, the resource manager American multinational Cargill, are in advanced negotiations t

Heat and price drop boosts for production of beer

9/17/2015 - Beer production in Brazil grew in August, according to the CervBrasil (Brazilian Association of the

Chocolate production Falls 6%

9/16/2015 - According to a survey conducted by the Brazilian Association of Chocolates, cocoa, peanuts, hard can

The good Grows driven by Cereal bars

9/16/2015 - At the end of the first half of this year, The Well is no longer a juice company and expanded its ac

Sales of fertilizers in the country reduce fall in year to date

9/16/2015 - A survey released by the National Association for the diffusion of fertilizers (come on) indicates t

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