Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hirota launches line of Oriental ready meals

With 16 stores in São Paulo, the supermarket chain Hirota, founded by Japanese family, celebrates 43 years of history and bet now on sale of ready dishes of his own brand. Despite selling the same product mix than any other competitor, the company still counts in gondolas with over a thousand items of oriental origin.
As the marketing manager of Hirota, Eugenia Fonseca, this year the company complete over four decades of trajectory as a full supermarket, featuring special and exclusive services, like the fresh produce sector, with fresh and organic options, in addition to the food court in some units, where you can find the restaurant per kilo and ready meals with Hirota prepared by a team of nutritionists and chefs.
According to her, in addition to the opening of a store in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) last month-that allowed to the network expand operations in the greater ABC, where it already has a plant in Sao Caetano do Sul, the idea now is to invest in the popularization of Japanese food.
For that, the bet network in the provision of lunch boxes. "Are traditional boiling pans in Japan, still little known in Brazil. Are made with fresh food and harmonious aesthetics. This is a new option for eating on the street and want to complete meal ".
For now, customers are four Bento options, but the idea is to expand the menu over time. The cost varies between $ 19 and $ 23. The four courses can count on products such as breaded pork loin, grilled salmon, Japanese rice, Eggplant to soy sauce and ginger, grilled anchovies, pickled cucumber, chicken little bird and yakimeshi (rice).
According to nutritionist Hirota, Miyuki Kaizumo, in Japan the Bento is highly consumed by the population, regardless of social class. There exist more than 3 thousand variations of the dish, since the more elaborate (haute cuisine) to the most common.
About the performance, the Hirota says search follow trends and to evade the competition with networks such as Extra, Day, Carrefour, besides Chocolândia and Joanin, some stores began to count with spaces for the sale of housewares, home furnishings, gardening, tools, pet, stationery and beauty-all articles are imported from Japan and the proposal is to offer different items.
In celebration of their 43-year history, the Hirota promotes up to 12 day of September the birthday campaign in which every $ 70 on purchases the customer gets a raffle ticket for a car (Toyota Hilux SW4). The action involves still collect food for institutions that specifically take care of families in need.
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