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September, 2015

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Cement sales fall in July

9/14/2015 - Cement sales in the Brazilian domestic market fell 9.3 percent in July, compared with July last year

Mondelez wants to multiply internet sales by 10

9/14/2015 - The Mondelez international will invest in digital channels to boost your e-commerce. Until 2020, the

Italian national market back to embedded

9/14/2015 - Since 2002, imports were banned due to an outbreak of a disease that struck pigs in Italy. The retur

Second review of Open, level of investment of retail food companies should fa...

9/14/2015 - The worsening of economic conditions, with the loss of Brazil's investment grade, should affect the

Opening of the Chinese dairy industry market anima

9/14/2015 - Confirmation of the opening of the Chinese market for milk production from Brazil, announced by the

China suspends purchase of chicken from BRF

9/14/2015 - BRASILIA-two chicken exporters had their export licenses to China suspended on suspicion of infectio

Panco launches line of Panettones

9/14/2015 - The Panco released this month their panettones line in five flavors: candied fruits and Raisins, Cho

Wholesale Shows Recovery

9/14/2015 - The revenues of the segment attack is grew 6.5% in July compared with June, according to ABAD, an a

With tea, Unilever follows Nestle

9/14/2015 - Unilever will enter the market of drinks in capsules with his brand of Lipton tea. Multinational mac

Crisis makes more than half of Brazilians change consumption habits

9/11/2015 - Before the economic crisis, Brazilians are changing their consumption and your financial planning: 5

Pork exports grow 4.4% animal protein

9/11/2015 - Brazilian exports of pork (considering all the fresh and processed products) amounted, between Janua

Price of milk is the biggest of the year

9/11/2015 - In high six months ago, the milk price received by the producer has reached the highest level in Aug

Raízen expands fuel business in the Midwest and looking for gains in South

9/11/2015 - SÃO PAULO-Raízen, a joint venture between Shell and Cosan, on Thursday inaugurated a new oil termina

Global food prices have strong fall in August, says FAO

9/11/2015 - ROME-global food prices have dropped dramatically in August, pressured by a wide offer and by extern

Direct sales move $ 19.5 billion in the first half

9/11/2015 - Despite the Brazilian economic scenario not be favourable, the direct sales segment is gaining more

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