Friday, September 04, 2015

Durable goods segment of the country reverts fall

According to industry research released yesterday by the Brazilian Institute of Geografira and statistics (IBGE), the only category that gained positive result was consumer durables (9.6%), after accumulating loss of 25.2% between October 2014 and June 2015.
Durable consumer goods had June marked by layoffs, reductions in working hours, outages, not only cars but also household appliances. Was well characterized a June much smaller intensity. There is a natural back in July. This 9.6% does not eliminate the loss of the previous month ( -10% in June) but also get part of the accumulated fall for nine months ( -25.2%).
Among the 24 branches surveyed, 14 recorded negative variation front to June. The main food was retraction ( -6.2%) compared with growth of 4.3% in June. The production of beverages ( -6.2%), coke, petroleum products and biofuels ( -1.7%) and the extractive industry ( -1.5%) also contributed to the negative result.
In addition, the wood products industry ( -7.6%), rubber and plastic ( -2.2%) and miscellaneous products ( -5.5%) also recorded significant negative rates.
In the ten branches that grew in the reference month, the best performance was recorded by machinery and equipment-an indicator of the level of investment in the country, with a high of 6.5 percent, after five months in a row of negative rates that represent losses of 11.9% in the period.
Other positive impacts were registered in motor vehicles (1.4%), which grows after accumulating 24.4% drop between October 2014 and June 2015, and computer equipment and electronic products (3.2%), the first positive result since January this year, which represents accumulated loss of 28.2%.
Already the fall of 8.9% compared to July last year represents the negative result in 23 of 26 branches and 72 of 79 groups analyzed. With that, 69.9% of the 805 products surveyed had retraction.
Despite the expansion in monthly comparison, automores vehicles retreated 19.1%, the biggest fall in this relationship. This was a reflection of the reduced production of trucks, truck-tractor for trailers and semi-trailers, motor vehicles for the transport of goods, automobiles and auto parts.
Food-The food products ( -7.2%) also had significant loss on that basis of comparison, with reduced production of crystal sugar, refined cane sugar, concentrated juices of Orange, frozen beef meat, fresh or chilled, candies and chocolates, biscuits and powdered milk.
Computer equipment and electronic products ( -34.8%) also had weight in the negative rate with respect to July 2014, as well as petroleum products and biofuels ( -6.2%), machinery and equipment ( -15.1%), metal products ( -13%), electrical machinery and mateiral released ( -15.7%), chemicals ( -6.4%).
The bad result for the industry already has been observed in other studies of the IBGE. Last Friday, the Institute announced the retraction of 1.9% of GDP in the second quarter of 2015. According to the data, the industry contracted 4.3 percent compared to the first quarter, the worst since the first quarter of 2009, when it shrank 5.9 percent.
In comparison with the second quarter of 2014, the industrial sector registered a negative variation of 5.2%. In this regard, the processing industry and construction accounted for 8.3% drops and 8.2%, respectively. Energy production and distribution of electricity, gas and water fell 4.7% indent: pulled by reducing energy consumption, both residential and non-residential, and the more intensive use of thermoelectric power plants, whose higher price impact negatively on GDP.
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