Monday, May 09, 2016

German group makes investment of 60 million R$ in Valinhos

Campinas and region-the Freudenberg Group, a company of German origin present in more than 60 countries, has just opened the new factories of Chem-Trend and SurTec, which are part of the group in the country. The new facilities are operated jointly by Chem-Trend and SurTec.
Both belong to the specialty chemicals Division of the group, and will develop, manufacture and market release agents, specialty chemicals and chemical surface treatment solutions to meet clients in various sectors.
The Freudenberg Group has invested 60 million R$ in new factories, installed in the neighborhood Macuco, in Valinhos. The Vice President and General Manager of Chem-Trend southern hemisphere and General Manager of the Brazil SurTec, Paul Noce, said the investment includes three fundamental reasons that involve customer proximity, technology and infrastructure. "A good local attendance is critical to our client. With technology, we put a lot of investment in new laboratories for product development, for tropicalization of chemical formulas to eventually be developed abroad, but we can bring here to meet individual and specific aspects of how the customer wish and also Brazilian production equipment. Now we have world class in our operation, in all senses, even in automation. In terms of industrial infrastructure of buildings to give more comfort to our employees given regulatory standards legislation, safety and the environment, "he says.
The total size of the plant is of 29 1000 m ², of which 11 1000 m ² are built-up area. The annual production capacity is 13 1000 tonnes, intended for release agents, process auxiliaries and chemical surface treatment products. According to Paul Noce, the two factories in operation are with 70% of its installed capacity with only one operational shift. According to the need and with the resumption of growth of the Brazilian companies are prepared for the installation of a second round. "Brazil is the largest market, but exports from here. We attend the South America and South Africa, from the factory, so we have possibility of expanding out. Last year we almost doubled our sales abroad and represent 15% of our sales, "he says.
The new facilities employ 120 people, of which 20 are outsourced, who work on behalf of customers of various industries, including the automotive, aerospace, shoes, wind energy, construction, general industry and household appliances, among others. According to Paul Noce, 70% of its staff have higher education. "The two companies work with knowledge. Being close to a market that offers manpower prepared, well trained and well educated, for us is key, "he says.
Paul Noce said that Chem-Trend already operated in Singapore for many years and that the SurTec moved to São Bernardo do Campo to Valinhos with the aim of being closer to the customers and suppliers, availability of labor, infrastructure and logistics aspects. To carry out the change was made a particular study of location that was run by Fundação Vanzolini linked to escola politécnica da USP. Within the criteria defined by the company, the candidate cities to host the new plant, Valinhos stood out among the top ten placed.
The Freudenberg Group develops technologies, products and services for more than 30 segments and thousands of applications. The 167 years, the company hired in 2015, more than 40 1000 people in 57 countries around the world and achieved a turnover of more than 7.5 billion euros.
DCI - 09/05/2016
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