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May, 2016

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Anvisa prohibits sale of tomato extract batch with '' strange matter ''

5/31/2016 - The national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) banned the sale of a batch of tomato paste Elephant

McDonald''s will test '' gourmet '' restaurant in Brazil

5/31/2016 - Motivated by the advancement of the "gourmet" burgers, as America, Fifties and Diner in town, fast-f

Walmart Expands Monitoring of meat

5/31/2016 - Walmart announces the expansion of its program of satellite monitoring of beef for all Brazil. The m

Retail sales Paulista Fall 9.3%

5/31/2016 - According to the ACVarejo survey, the São Paulo commercial Association (ACSP), the volume of retail

Domnus Brings new wines to Brazil

5/31/2016 - The Italian wineries Podere Brizio and Dievole come to Brazil to increase the portfolio of Domnus Im

Camil Reinforces the presence of rice and beans

5/31/2016 - In order to highlight the strength of rice and beans on the daily life of the Brazilian Camil launch

Cnova Prepares For the June festivals

5/31/2016 - To take advantage of the period of June festivals, Pontofrio sites, CasasBahia and Extra clothing of

Follow consumer on the internet is essential for growing company

5/31/2016 - São Paulo-Follow the target audience on the internet is increasingly important to business growth. E

Panasonic will cease to produce LCD screens, says paper

5/31/2016 - Panasonic intends to halt production of LCD screens for televisions at its plant in Hyogo Prefecture

Law obliges to Sanitize shopping carts

5/30/2016 - Are in processing in a City Council Bill that will force the supermarkets operating in the city of S

La Violetera launches line of Olives

5/30/2016 - La Violetera presented a new line of olives with six varieties: green stone, pitted, sliced and stuf

Percentage of Checks Returned back up

5/30/2016 - According to data from the Boa Vista SCPC, the number of returned checks as a proportion of the tota

Peanut companies Designing High in sales

5/30/2016 - According to ABICAB (Brazilian Association of the Industry of Chocolates, cocoa, peanuts, hard candi

Wesley Batista is re-elected President of JBS

5/30/2016 - JBS''s Board of Directors approved the re-election of Wesley Bailey as President Director of the com

The industry wants an extension to include food allergens on labels

5/30/2016 - Just over a month the deadline requiring industry to report the presence of allergy-causing foods la

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