Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The global market of organic pesticides grows above 15%

The world market of biological pesticides has grown at a rate five times greater than the agrochemical industry, reported today the Brazilian Association of biological control (ABCBio), based on data from the CPL Business Consultants. From 2011 to 2014, according to ABCBio, the world market for those products had average annual growth of 15.3%. "The trend is no different in Brazil, where the perception is that sales of this sector to grow between 15% to 20% in the coming years," said the organisation in a statement.
The assessment by Pedro Faria Jr., President of ABCBio, the fast growing market of biological pesticides, among other things, the high cost of developing a new agrochemical, around $ 250 million. It must also "the biggest demand of society and also of the regulatory bodies for food production without waste and also to the fact of the Biological Defense when used in alternation with the chemicals, allow an extension of the useful life of the chemical pesticides," said he, in the note.
Other factors, such as a new "mentality" of producers in relation to integrated pest management (IPM), in which the biological pesticides play a central role, also pack the good prospects of growth for this segment in the next few years. "The main trend in the market is that the biodefensivos finish having a harmonious coexistence with the chemical pesticides," said Ari Gitz note, a member of the Council of ABCBio.
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