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September, 2020

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Corticosteroids reduce mortality in severe cases of covid-19, research says

9/3/2020 - Research considered randomized clinical trials conducted with 1,700 patients in severe condition.

Solar and wind power are cheaper than previously thought, study says

9/3/2020 - UK Government reviews the figures and concludes that the price of energy generated by renewable sour

Embaré Updates Dairy

9/3/2020 - Peasant wins packaging and launch

73% home penetration

9/3/2020 - Chocolate consumption falls 11.8% in the first half

Cargill Launches Liza Barbecue Sauce

9/3/2020 - Stand up pouches product of 1.02 kgs is now available for restaurants, snack bars and burgershops th

Nutella now in 3-pound packaging

9/3/2020 - The product is packaged in a white plastic bucket.

Food Inflation

9/2/2020 - Prices rise 8.10% in August, says FecomercioSP

Renner gives more discounts and sells less, but cheers investors

9/2/2020 - For the fashion retailer, the worst moment has passed and, despite the impacts felt in the quarter,

Ball completes acquisition of aluminum packaging business for aerosol

9/2/2020 - Tubex is now part of Ball's aerosol aluminum packaging division.

Petrópolis Brewery wants to help bars in the resumption

9/2/2020 - The project is expected to #GPcomVC r$ 40 million in the resumption of the sector, benefiting bars,

Esfrebom redesigns sponge packaging

9/2/2020 - With new color pattern, illustrations and typography and emphasis on major claims, sponge promises p

Meat of plants to a thousand: Farm Future receives contribution of R $ 115 mi...

9/2/2020 - Brazilian startup founded last year, Fazenda Futuro clouded business during the pandemic and now aim

New brand concept

9/2/2020 - Fleischmann products gain new packaging

Hygiene and cleaning sector maintains positive results

9/1/2020 - Recent research by CNI, IBGE and CAGED corroborates the confidence of the sector.

Brazilian startups use artificial intelligence to diagnose Covid-19

9/1/2020 - Government of São Paulo selects three companies to evaluate methods for image diagnosis.

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