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Food Inflation

9/2/2020 - Prices rise 8.10% in August, says FecomercioSP

Renner gives more discounts and sells less, but cheers investors

9/2/2020 - For the fashion retailer, the worst moment has passed and, despite the impacts felt in the quarter, is recovering sales and margins

Ball completes acquisition of aluminum packaging business for aerosol

9/2/2020 - Tubex is now part of Ball's aerosol aluminum packaging division.

Petrópolis Brewery wants to help bars in the resumption

9/2/2020 - The project is expected to #GPcomVC r$ 40 million in the resumption of the sector, benefiting bars, restaurants and taverns.

Esfrebom redesigns sponge packaging

9/2/2020 - With new color pattern, illustrations and typography and emphasis on major claims, sponge promises prominence in gondolas.

Meat of plants to a thousand: Farm Future receives contribution of R $ 115 mi...

9/2/2020 - Brazilian startup founded last year, Fazenda Futuro clouded business during the pandemic and now aims for growth in Europe and the USA

New brand concept

9/2/2020 - Fleischmann products gain new packaging

Industrial production grows 8% in July, without eliminating losses from the p...

9/3/2020 - Result was the third high in a row, but the sector has not yet reversed the 27% accumulated loss in March and April. In the accumulated year, a drop is still 9.6%.

Corticosteroids reduce mortality in severe cases of covid-19, research says

9/3/2020 - Research considered randomized clinical trials conducted with 1,700 patients in severe condition.

Solar and wind power are cheaper than previously thought, study says

9/3/2020 - UK Government reviews the figures and concludes that the price of energy generated by renewable sources is almost 50% lower than originally calculated

Embaré Updates Dairy

9/3/2020 - Peasant wins packaging and launch

73% home penetration

9/3/2020 - Chocolate consumption falls 11.8% in the first half

Cargill Launches Liza Barbecue Sauce

9/3/2020 - Stand up pouches product of 1.02 kgs is now available for restaurants, snack bars and burgershops throughout the country

Nutella now in 3-pound packaging

9/3/2020 - The product is packaged in a white plastic bucket.

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