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Inflation for low-income households accelerates to 0.55% in August

9/4/2020 - Fgv index began to accumulate a high of 3.08% in 12 months, remaining at a level higher than the inflation felt by the population with higher income.

Covid-19: study points to efficacy of vaccine produced in Russia

9/4/2020 - According to an article published in The Lancet, immunization induced immune response and did not cause adverse effects

Brazil's participation in world industrial production falls to 16th position.

9/4/2020 - Brazil's share of global industrial production fell from 1.24% in 2018 to 1.19% in 2019, according to a study released by CNI.

Vehicle production in Brazil in August rises 23.6% compared to July

9/4/2020 - Data released by Anfavea show production of 210,900 units in August.

Unilever invests one billion euros to improve products and packaging

9/4/2020 - The announced investment is intended to fund research in biotechnology, co2 and waste use and low-carbon chemistry to create biodegradable and water-efficient product formulas, and halifia the use of virgin plastic by 2025.

Panettone in gondolas

9/4/2020 - Panco line gains new flavor and packaging

Twisted snacks are new-looking

9/4/2020 - Packaging of PepsiCo's snack brand products now features more modern design

Shopping for Animals

9/4/2020 - Cobasi expands presence in Campinas (SP)

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