Wednesday, July 01, 2015

NESFIT ® launches first instant oats market

The NESFIT ® expands its portfolio with the launch of the first instant oatmeal market allowing the instantaneous consumption of porridge or drink, dispensing the preparation in fire.
NESFIT ® Instant Oatmeal is a source of fibre, rich in cereal and with only 96 Kcal per serving. With the launch, the brand reaches its fourth category – breakfast cereals, cookies (sweet and savoury), cereal bars and oatmeal.
The segment of oats cereal category traditional boosts, with growth of 5.5% in value in the year 2014. The cereal represents 14% of the total market with growth in value of 12.4%, beyond the 2.1% increase in presence in Brazilian homes. (Source: Nielsen and Kantar 2014 2014) Nestlé, which was already present in the segment with the oats Nestle maintains the products in the portfolio as other options of consumption – in versions "Flakes" and "Thick Flakes".
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