Monday, July 14, 2014

Rexam launches Germania 55 in lighter aluminum bottle of South America

After limited edition of Smirnoff Ice, in 2013, the company launches the beer Germania 55 packs Fusion. Is the first drink of the genre to be released in the Fusion model, considered the lighter of the South American market.
– After the success of Germany 55 cans of 24oz, we believe that this will be another goal of the partnership between Rexam and NewAge. The Fusion bottles bring to the Brazilian market as an opportunity of packaging innovation for sustainable and drink with young appeal. -explains James Avena, Rexam's commercial Manager in South America.
Rexam's Marketing specialist in South America, Bruna Can complete the aluminum bottles bring with High Definition technology that aggregates a visual identity even more premium and sophisticated to the product.
The new packaging is a benchmark in sustainability. In addition to 100% recyclable, can return to gondolas up to 30 days. This transport logistics model of packaging consumes less CO2, i.e. with 1 kg of CO2 is able to carry up to 50% more liquid in a same truck than with other packages, such as glass, for example.
Produced in the Czech Republic and potted in Brazil, the new packaging will be available in supermarkets in July. The beer is bottled and distributed 55 Germania by NewAge Drinks.
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Guia da Embalagem - 14/07/2014
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