Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beans ready in box enters the focus of Tetra Pak

After constructing the country the history of long-life milk, Tetra Pak, largest manufacturer of packaging solutions installed in Brazil, want to consolidate into a new market-developed by the company itself, the beans ready in the box.
One of the main ingredients of national cuisine, the beans entered the radar of multinational company Tetra Pak, Swedish capital, one of the world's largest suppliers of packaging, after careful research on meals of Brazilians, who confirmed the huge potential of this market.
This analysis of how to create value to that product category, showed that the routine of cooking food could be replaced, says the Vice President of the company's business strategy for Central and South America, Edward Eisler. Hence the project to offer the product ready, with and without seasoning-the multinational itself presented to potential customers product proposals.
Today, "three or four" brands already offer the beans in box in certain regions. But, soon, the long life food can conquer more shelves. One of the largest processors and traders of rice and beans in Latin America, the Camil has joined the novelty.
Annually, as the multinational, are consumed in the country 15 billion bean dishes. According to Eisler, over the next four or five years, up to 15% of that volume will match the food sold in long-life packaging.
"There is a potential for conversion of 10% to 15%, but we're still not even close to see that potential happen," he says. The product offering was made possible by the Tetra Recart system, developed by Tetra Pak and used in more than 40 countries.
Launched in 2003, the system allows food, even in larger chunks, be sterilized inside the bag that comes with long life. In this way, the product can remain at the point of sale for up to 24 months. In Brazil, the package arrived in 2006 and is already used in other foods, such as vegetables.
The Executive of the Group avoids speaking in Tetra Recart participation goals in the company's business in the country. "We grow the pie" jokes. However, it is quite likely that the long-life milk remain as main category for a long time. This year, about 50% of 13 billion packaging that the multinational must market in the country will be used for milk.
Canal do Produtor - 21/08/2013
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