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June, 2020

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One E-commerce per Minute

6/9/2020 - Pandemic Generates Opening of 107,000 Virtual Stores

U.S. company uses innovative base for coronavirus vaccine

6/8/2020 - Expected to begin production in October, Pfizer has invested $500 million in researching a solution

Market analysts see 6.48% drop in GDP in 2020

6/8/2020 - It is the seventeenth week in a row in which the GDP forecast has fallen. Economists also lowered th

P&G launches accelerator focused on pandemic solutions

6/8/2020 - P&G Social Accelerator will select innovative proposals from consumers, NGOs, small businesses and a

Positive shows if it managed to take advantage of the crisis

6/8/2020 - Investors have been betting that the company has benefited from the run-up to the home office pandem

Driven by quarantine, requests in Brazilian e-commerce grow

6/8/2020 - According to compre & trust research, the number of online orders during the month of May grew 132.8

Carrefour Leads Ranking

6/8/2020 - Abras Elenca 20 Largest Supermarkets in the Country

85% of people expect relevant role from corporations

6/5/2020 - Changes in priorities, values and relationships are consumer expectations after pandemic, fleishmanH

PET recycling grows in Brazil, but pandemic can hinder collection

6/5/2020 - Volume is equivalent to 311,000 tons of the product in 2019

Doctor who took Covid-19 at work is the 1st to donate antibodies in df

6/5/2020 - Blood plasma from anesthesiologist Lucas Valente will be used to treat people who are battling coron

E-commerce service

6/5/2020 - Via Varejo Installs Thru Drive in 200 Units

Sales in the Brazilian economy grow in May, says Revenue

6/5/2020 - Volume of Electronic Invoices (NFe) issued in May resumed levels close to those observed before the

New Products and Packaging

6/5/2020 - Unilever Relaunches Cif Cleaner Line

Activity index in Brazil improves in May, but still shows retraction

6/4/2020 - The PMI, calculated by IHS Markit, shows that the month experienced another considerable drop in pri

Covid-19: vaccine test in Brazil begins in São Paulo in the coming days

6/4/2020 - Immunization method being developed by Oxford University will be applied to 2,000 volunteers in the

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