Monday, June 08, 2020

P&G launches accelerator focused on pandemic solutions

P&G launched P&G Social Accelerator on Friday, 5, to drive projects that could help reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on various sectors of society. The idea is to select projects focused on needs generated by the current scenario. Through a special website, the company will receive proposals from consumers, NGOs, small businesses and independent professionals from any sector. The ideas received will be evaluated by a company commission and its brands, who may enter as supporters of the project. The evaluation criteria will be the degree of innovation of the idea, its feasibility and potential contribution to solve short, medium and long-term problems related to the pandemic. The selected projects can be accelerated with the contribution of funds, knowledge or connections to unite those who need help with agents who want to help. In addition to P&G's own brands, other companies and institutions can become partners. The Amcham entity, focused on multisectoral actions in the private segment, will contribute to the curatorship of the network of partners and projects, offering accelerated connections with associated companies. One of the first projects already funded by P&G's accelerator, through the Vick brand, was the Inspire project at USP Polytechnic School, which includes the purchase of a device that simulates the functioning of the human lung in the laboratory. Another investment, in the amount of R$ 200,000, was made to the medical research laboratory of the Foundation Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo, through the Always brand. The initial focus of the accelerator is on ideas related to the context of the pandemic, but P&G expects to receive innovative projects for various applications in the future.
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