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June, 2020

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Brands engage in the fight against violence against women

6/4/2020 - Increase in the number of visits to women victims of aggression during the period of social isolatio

New Products at Bassi

6/4/2020 - Marfrig Increments Portfolio with 3 Burgers

Mercado Extra predicts 50 new stores in 2020 and expansion of e-commerce

6/4/2020 - The Supermarket model of the Extra brand launched in 2018 already has 100 stores, in six states

Research reveals pessimism among doctors about spike in coronavirus cases

6/3/2020 - According to the São Paulo Association of Medicine, 84.5% of professionals in public and private hea

Mining researchers seek to 'trick' coronavirus into creating vaccine

6/3/2020 - Fiocruz scientists in the state develop ambivalent protection for coronavirus and influenza. Group i

Biscuit in New Pack

6/3/2020 - Club Social Changes Visual Identity

Trade activity has biggest drop in 20 years, serasa shows

6/3/2020 - The internet and delivery services are a creative solution, but still insufficient to reverse losses

Packaging makes 51% of customers change restaurants on delivery

6/3/2020 - They said they've stopped buying at the restaurant because of packaging problems.

Carrefour Brasil Group extends social campaign to combat the pandemic

6/2/2020 - Reinforcing the initiatives to combat coronavirus, the Carrefour Brasil Group extended until June 15

Verallia bottles help preserve Econatura's organic juices

6/2/2020 - Created in 1996, the agroindustry Econatura currently has approximately 30 families involved in the

Visits to E-commerces

6/2/2020 - Six Marketplaces Hold 71% of Access in Brazil

Embraer seeks partners, but does not want model repetition with Boeing

6/2/2020 - Embraer, the world's third-largest aircraft manufacturer, is open to new business partners after Boe

Loans to SMEs

6/2/2020 - Cooperatives Lead Credit Grant

Mansueto rules out tax increases amid crisis

6/1/2020 - In opposed to the idea of re-raising taxes, Treasury Secretary reiterated importance of reforms to e

In U.S. protests, brands stand against racism

6/1/2020 - Companies post messages in support of the black community as demonstrations take place across the co

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