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June, 2020

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Transmission map shows seven states with retraction in covid epidemic

6/19/2020 - At least seven states in the country present data that indicate a decrease in the percentage of cont

Microsoft Reactor plans for Latin America

6/19/2020 - Partnership with district hub, space focuses on technical sharing aimed at developers and startups c

Education For Life project provides videos in the area of beauty

6/19/2020 - Project aims to assist students in social vulnerability and is a partnership of ABIHPEC with Interco

Government of Minas retreats in opening 101 cities and already admits lockdown

6/19/2020 - Romeo Zema said the growth of the COVID-19 curve causes 'discomfort' and to control can take 'more d

Copom reduces Selic rate to 2.25% per year

6/18/2020 - Rate was at 3% per year since May 6. The committee's next meeting is scheduled for August 4-5.

Coronavirus: number of daily cases in the world hits record, shows balance

6/18/2020 - World has accounted for more than 8 million cases of coronavirus so far

Services fall 11.7% in April under covid-19

6/18/2020 - In the year, the sector accumulated a loss of 18.7%, i.e. 27% below the highest point of the series,

Export and E-commerce

6/18/2020 - BrasilBev has launches and grows in sales

Beer and bread brands unite in the fight against Covid-19

6/18/2020 - Ambev, Bimbo Brasil, Heineken and Wickbold will produce tons of bread made with malt for vulnerable

25 New Units in 2020

6/18/2020 - Panvel expands in cities of Rio Grande do Sul

BNDES can put more resources in the economy if crisis continues

6/17/2020 - Bndes President Gustavo Montezano participated in a congressional committee hearing that discusses a

Worldwide, there are 153 drugs and vaccines against covid-19 in testing

6/17/2020 - Some of the work that has progressed the most has been with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine antim

Ibema launches a new triplex card line - Supera White

6/17/2020 - Ibema envisions international markets with one of the best white cards in the world

Mining industrial production has a slightly lower drop than the national

6/17/2020 - According to research, the mining industry suffers less compared to other states because it is consi

8 refrigerators were banned in May due to Covid-19

6/17/2020 - Ministry of Agriculture says outages occurred because of the risk of transmission of the disease amo

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