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March, 2020

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ABRE Event: Economic Scenario in Brazil

3/11/2020 - Macroeconomic data from the sector A study developed by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation for ABRE more

Shoe manufacturers increase production by 1% in January

3/11/2020 - Footwear increased production by 1% in January, according to the Brazilian Association of Footwear I

Owner of Vivo and TIM negotiate purchase of Oi Móvel

3/11/2020 - Telefónica Brasil, owner of Vivo, and TIM announced on Tuesday evening (10) that they began negotiat

ANEEL approves average adjustment of 6.21% for Light tariffs

3/11/2020 - The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) approved on Tuesday (10) average adjustment of 6.21% for

Cement Trade Grew 7.4% in February

3/10/2020 - Cement sales rose 7.4% in February compared to the same month last year. Compared to January of thi

Brazilian tourism has a 2.2% increase in revenues and creates 35,000 new jobs...

3/10/2020 - Brazilian tourism grew 2.2% in revenues last year, moving R$ 238.6 billion, according to the ICV-Tur

Alelo launches app for restaurants

3/10/2020 - The flag specializing in benefits Alelo is launching the prompt pede app. In the app, the user sees

Brazilian worker dreams of quality of life and promotion

3/10/2020 - If they could choose the benefits offered by companies, 29.4% of workers would opt for health plans

With revenue target of R$ 1 billion, senior software company mira exterior

3/10/2020 - With a goal of reaching a turnover of R$ 1 billion in 2023, the senior software company is already a

Restaurants specialize in dishes made with one product

3/9/2020 - Have you ever thought about setting up a business anchored to a single product? In Rio de Janeiro, t

Sales of the Franchise Sector Add Up to R$ 54.9 Billion

3/9/2020 - The franchise sector recorded 8.1% sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2019, compared to R$ 54.9

Customer Flow in Physical Retail Grows 1.8%

3/9/2020 - The flow of consumers in Brazilian physical stores registered growth of 1.8% in February, compared

New World Wants to Grow Double Digits by 2020

3/9/2020 - With 140 stores in nine states, retailer Novo Mundo plans to end 2020 with growth above double digit

Odebrecht and WTorre negotiate mega real estate project on Carrefour land

3/9/2020 - The residential construction company OR (formerly Odebrecht Realizações Imobiliárias) is about to se

With Nubank and Inter, Brazil becomes the fifth largest global destination fo...

3/9/2020 - Brazil has consolidated itself as an important global hub of new digital companies in the financial

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