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March, 2020

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Tourism company revenues grow 2.2% in 2019

3/6/2020 - The turnover of companies in the tourism sector grew 2.2% last year to R$ 238.6 billion, according t

GPA confirms sale of 43 stores for R$ 1.25 billion to the manager TRX

3/6/2020 - The Pão de Açúcar Group (GPA) closed the sale of 43 properties for R$ 1.24 billion to investment fun

Vamos's ipo can move up to R$ 1.5 billion

3/6/2020 - The heavy vehicle rental company Vamos, controlled by logistics company JSL, announced on Thursday (

CVC President resigns and will be replaced by former Smiles

3/6/2020 - The tour operator CVC announced on Thursday (5) that its chief executive, Luiz Fogaça, submitted a r

E-commerce Grows 15%, Says Mastercard

3/5/2020 - Brazilian e-commerce grew 15.1% in January compared to the same period a year earlier, according to

Easter Egg Prices Rise 2% in 2020

3/5/2020 - The price of Easter eggs is expected to rise by 2% compared to 2019. The projection is from the Paul

Retail Grows 2.2% in February in São Paulo

3/5/2020 - The sales movement in the city of São Paulo (SP) grew 2.2% in February, compared to the same period

OLX announces purchase of Zap Group for R$ 2.9 billion

3/5/2020 - The online classifieds company OLX announced on Tuesday (3) agreement to buy the real estate service

Chocolate industry falls 3% in 2019

3/4/2020 - The chocolate industries in Brazil manufactured 756,000 tons of products last year, a 3% drop over t

Brazilian companies will adopt emotional health management in the next 2 years

3/4/2020 - Brazilian companies are considering implementing mental health programs in the next two years. A sur

Best-selling cigarette brand in Brazil comes from Paraguay

3/4/2020 - After becoming a global leader in the consumption of smuggled cigarettes in terms of volume, Brazil

Rising dollar leaves Easter with more expensive wines and chocolate eggs

3/4/2020 - The price of Easter eggs is expected to rise 2% this year compared to 2019, according to data from t

Cheaper, capsule drinks increase sales by 50%

3/4/2020 - B.Blend, a capsule beverage company of home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool and beverage producer A

Customer satisfaction becomes a goal for BV employee bonuses

3/3/2020 - BV, formerly Banco Votorantim, changed the variable compensation strategy of about 4,000 employees t

Companies Create Compostable Adherent Film

3/3/2020 - Basf, a chemical company, and the Fabbri Group, in the packaging machinery production and sale sect

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