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March, 2020

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How can packaging help a brand stand out in the cosmetics and personal care s...

3/23/2020 - As one of the most important points of contact of brands with their audience, packaging is valuable

Data analytics: Understand its impact on packaging

3/23/2020 - Recently, NRF 2020 —which is one of the world's leading retail fairs and known for revealing trends

With malls closed, shopkeepers see retail collapse and ask for rent forgiveness

3/20/2020 - The determination to close shopping malls in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, and the red

Department of Agriculture of SP develops flexible packaging to market canned ...

3/20/2020 - Through the Institute of Food Technology (ITAL), the Department of Agriculture and Supply of the Sta

Adjacent beverages and the preferences of the new generation

3/20/2020 - In April 2018, research and information company Nielsen Holdings published a survey based on 2017 da

The dynamics of retail consumption

3/20/2020 - Do you know why some people prefer to shop online rather than go to the mall? First, because it is m

After 80% devaluation, airlines have uncertain future

3/20/2020 - Covid-2019 coronavirus infected the financial market, but no industry has felt its lethality potenti

Shopping malls and commerce begin to suspend operation in SP

3/20/2020 - To reduce contamination of the new coronavirus, part of the trade will begin to close its doors in t

Known for photo films, Fujifilm group can act against coronavirus

3/20/2020 - Known for its old rolls of film and photography papers, Fujifilm has adapted its business, focused o

Anvisa authorizes sugarcane mills to produce alcohol 70 against coronavirus

3/20/2020 - The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved, on Thursday, a request from the Sugarcane

Company Will Produce 4 Tons of Alcohol in Gel

3/19/2020 - Owner of coperalcool, Zulu, Zumbi and Da Ilha brands, the National Alcohol Company (CNA) recorded a

Coronavirus isolation changes internet consumption pattern in Brazil

3/19/2020 - The social isolation caused by coronavirus increased internet consumption and caused changes in the

iFood will allocate R $ 50 mi in fund for small restaurants

3/19/2020 - The Brazilian delivery company iFood announced on Wednesday 18 that it will allocate 50 million reai

Supermarkets expected to increase sales by 15% amid pandemic, bcg estimates

3/19/2020 - While most productive sectors have suffered a shock in their activities due to the coronavirus pande

JBS and Marfrig suspend activities in 6 refrigerators

3/19/2020 - JBS and Marfrig, two of the largest refrigerators in the country, announced the suspension of activi

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