Monday, September 14, 2015

Second review of Open, level of investment of retail food companies should fall due to the worsening of economic conditions

The worsening of economic conditions, with the loss of Brazil's investment grade, should affect the plans of companies in the sector and retail. Economists predict more reduction expressive associations of short-term investments, because of the expected increase in the cost of fundraising. Retail companies already being affected by the fall in demand. There was a review on growth plans and decisions to protect box. "The level of investment by companies [food retail] must be reduced. Companies with operations more global, headquartered abroad, may even have a more interesting today, because they can trigger lines of resources abroad cheaper, and with it, trying to win over the market rivals. It's a possibility, but hard to know whether to take this path in such a difficult economic environment, "says Sussumu Honda, President of the Advisory Board of the Open. Open for about two weeks, revised the forecast of performance of industry sales this year, to draw to fall compared to last year. With the downgrading of the credit note of the country, announced by Standard & Poor's, the cost of financing companies will grow and, today, there is no room for transfer directed to consumers. Yesterday (10/09), Standard & Poor's mentioned that downgraded the note of Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Lojas Renner, among other companies, but cautioned that can review the prospect of these ratings to negative in the next 90 days. Companies like Pão de Açúcar and Magazine Luiza has already informed review of projects opening stores this year, with fewer openings. For retail, in the last 12 months, the average interest on lines for working capital in banks jumped from 25% to 35% per annum, until July, according to industry sources.
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