Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Whirlpool invests over R $300 million in 54 new products

Whirlpool, the largest manufacturer of stoves, refrigerators and washers, has invested more than R $300 million in the biggest release of the company''s products in the country. The company''s move may seem odd in the face of weak sales performance of appliances of white line, shaken by the crisis. But according to João Carlos Brega, the company''s President for Latin America, the investment target is sales growth expected only to 2019.
"We believe 2019 will be a year of high demand for us. If she be thence forward sustainable will depend on the presidential election and of the reforms, "said the Executive. For this year and next, he predicts market stability, claiming that buying an appliance depends on funding. As he does not see a substantial retreat of unemployment in 2017 and 2018, the chances that the Brazilians take credit to go shopping for a greater value and funded are reduced.
The data from GFK, consulting firm that audits retail sales, show that the overall quantities sold of appliances of white line closed the first half pretty much stable, after a 13 percent fall in 2016. The largest declines occurred in refrigerators, air conditioners and stoves. The data was not worse, because the washers have advanced.
Differentiation. The company''s strategy of making the biggest renewal of your story line began two years ago, exactly in the middle of the crisis. "At that time we were entering a tremendous crisis, it would be very easy to cut investment and improve the outcome in the short term. But that would undermine the company''s performance in the long term, "he noted.
The result of this two-year research and investment was a line of 54 products that will be available for sale in the last quarter, when sales grow because of Black Friday and Christmas.
The focus of the launches, most with the brand Brastemp, are differentiated products. Among them is a refrigerator with compartment to keep the meat cooled for 10 days without color change and, at the same time keep the beer at the right temperature; a filter that produces water with gas, for example. In addition to differentiated products, the company decided to invest in the provision of consumer services through an application.
Estadão - 14/08/17
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