Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Brazilians plan to spend less on Christmas gifts

The slight improvement in economic indicators in the country still is not enough to encourage Brazilians to consume more for Christmas. For the first time in five years, increased the number of people who intend to spend less on gifts for family and friends, reaching 63%, being that in 2016 that slice was 58%, indicates research conducted by GS Group with 1,213 respondents in October and November. According to Fernando Gibotti, Director of intelligence of the GS, this behavior is explained by the fear of unemployment, still high, although the number of formal jobs is in recovery. Between August and October, the Brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE) pointed out that the unemployment rate remained at 12.2 percent, 0.6 percentage point drop compared to the period from May to July this year. The survey showed that 43% of respondents plan to spend between R $100 and R $300, while 22% are expected to spend between R $300 and R $600. Share of 8% of consumers plan to do purchases over R $600 and 27% of them still have not defined values. There was no intention of spending surge over the past year. "Among the population declaring smaller spending a greater desire was noted to consume, but they are in a dicotômico moment, as it decreased its debts in time of crisis and saved a little money, but they're not cautious to spend. The funny thing is 5.67% of Brazilians wanted to receive some money as a gift from Santa and 4.67% wanted a job ", scored Gibotti. Stores of streets are still Street shops as favorite channel of consumer purchases, indicated by 55% of respondents, an increase of 1 percentage point in about 2016. The shopping malls appear then, with 42%, down 4 percentage points, and Commerce got 36 percent, up 4 percentage points. The Executive said that the option to purchase in stores is what registers more accelerated growth from 2015, when the GS put this question in the questionnaire, and the channel of sale was appointed by 27% of respondents. The reasons for the choice of those channels were the prices and ease, flagged by 74% and 56.3% of the respondents. In retail, the variety of items and shops were nominated by 50% and, in malls, cooling, with 55%. Although the shopping centers are retreating in the preference of Brazilians, as showed the survey, these establishments have as attractive promotional campaigns with sweepstakes, whereas 64% of Brazilians opting for this type of action whose award is a higher value-added product.
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