Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas hot sales for meat companies

After two disappointing years, Christmas will be celebrated by the country's meat. Packed by the favourable economic environment, sales of commemorative products-special chicken and Turkey meat, in particular-can grow more than 5 percent this year, in addition to providing greater profitability. Also the barbecue, which is made mostly with beef cuts, should win the holidays. In 2017, the holidays will fall on a Monday, which can make the celebrations extend by three days, from Saturday. In this scenario, the catarinense Aurora estimates that the typical product sales grow 5% barbecue to 8%. "The campaign data [Christmas] we have so far are very positive," said the Vice President of Brazil Value BRF, Alexandre Almeida. Owner of the brands Sadia and Perdigão, BRF leads the production of poultry and pigs in the country. Across the country, sales of commemorative meat move over R $700 million per year, according to industry estimates. The positive assessment on Christmas is shared by Seara, a subsidiary of JBS. "Is astounding. When did [planning], until it was thought that the market could not have recovery. But the recovery is quite significant, "said yesterday, in a meeting with analysts, the Chief Executive of JBS's operations, Gilberto Tomazoni. In GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar), the expectation is that sales of the meat consumed in the supper of Christmas and new year increase 7% in volume. To that end, the network has strengthened the Christmas stock. Asked, the Executive of the BRF would not disclose the expected growth in sales of commemorative, but signaled that the projections of the retailers are in line with the expectations of the company. "We have been very close to the retail to calibrate very well the offer which is made", he argued. According to the Vice-President of the BRF, the "Harbinger" of that consumption in the holidays would be strong occurred in September, when the company began sales of commemorative kits for businesses. "We closed September with almost 1 million kits sold," the Executive. In the same range of last year, sales totaled only 300,000 kits, according to Almeida. On her rhythm reached the sales volume of BRF 2016 already in the first week of November. In all, the company anticipates closing the year with 2.6 million sales of commemorative kits, 8% increase in comparison with the last year's 2.4 million. In all, the BRF provides market 11000 tonnes of commemorative items through kits, in a war operation. In just 20 days, the owner of Sadia and Perdigão do more than 50000 deliveries. For the size of the company that grosses over R $40 billion a year worldwide, the volume of kits sold is not small, and accounts for over 20% of the sales of Christmas goods of BRF. This year, sales of commemorative meats for retail must achieve 37000 tonnes. Although less optimistic than the GPA and the BRF, the cooperative of Aurora, which is one of the largest processors of meat from Brazil, also believes that the holidays will be positive, with an increase of 3% to 5% in sales of Christmas meat. "For the moment, is excellent," said commercial Director of Aurora, Leomar Somensi, remember the "bad" performance last year, when the cooperative was greatly affected by the weak consumption in Brazil. Aside from the recovery in domestic consumption, poultry and swine refrigerators also have behaved more corn prices. In 2016, the break of the brazilian winter crop squeezed the margins of the segment, which made the BRF languish the first injury of the story. This year, however, the re-composition of the grain offering in Brazil did corn prices fall, on average, 31.8%, second bookmark Esalq/BM & FBovespa. By allowing the re-composition of the profitability of the industry, the cheaper corn also represented consumer stimulus this year. "The situation is balanced without necessarily increasing the prices," said Almeida, of the BRF. At dawn, the same thing happened. "Prices are more or less the same levels of 2016", pointed out Somensi.
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