Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maniacs Brewing Co. develops packaging for freezing beer

The Maniacs Brewing Co. is bringing to the market a package that, in addition to transporting the beer cans, can be used to cool them. The Cooler Box has the capacity to receive two pounds of ice, that allow the drinks stand at room temperature for consumption in 30 minutes. To use the cooler, just that the consumer open the box over, break the plastic where are the cans and add the ice. The Cooler Box is available for both the beer Maniacs IPA as for Maniacs Pilsen.
Before we hit the market, the Cooler Box went through a series of stress tests, where the cans were stored on ice for more than 7 hours. After this period, the boxes did not show any leakage or wear of the material. Very intuitive, the packing instructions on how to correctly use brings the cooler box. The development of this packaging was done by Graphic Packaging multinational. The concept, already spread internationally, hits the country adapted to the market and Brazilian temperature.
The brewery''s initiative shows the strength of the packaging, to ensure differentiation and can be decisive at the time of purchase.
ABRE - 23/01/2017
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