Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Heat boosts sales of fans and Air conditioners

The high temperatures recorded since the beginning of the year overcame the crisis and consumers are giving up save to invest in greater comfort in summer. At least, that''s what I say shopkeepers in the air conditioning and fans, they estimate, on average, that sales of these products to grow around 30 percent by the end of February, compared to the first two months of last year. On Friday, two networks have taken advantage of to reduce the stock items, promoting settlements.
In Magazine Luiza, these and other products have been marketed with up to 70% discount. Find fans from R$ 49.00 up R$ 149.00. "The fan was on sale, but the output of splits was also great," the Manager of the Praia de Belas Shopping, Rodrigo Cardoso Queiroz. "We had a very big movement" celebrates. Among the hundreds of people who spent in the store, the taxi driver Antonio Carlos Pereira disbursed R$ 1300 in the purchase of a 12000 BTUs. Even with the promotion, Parker considered the high value. Still, preferred to pay cash, "not to increase the debt with installments". "Extends the comfort have more than one split to give heat winning, because there are five of us at home", the taxi driver, when deciding on the purchase.
In Brazil, the branch of Assisi Magazine Luiza has sold best most popular items, like the fans of 30 cm and 40 cm. In accordance with the seller Tracy Bihain, more than two weeks ago that the demand for these products has skyrocketed. In all, the company has six stores in the Capital and the trading of the segment are "occurring within the expected," says Bihain. The average prices of lightning Friday settlement is between R$ and R$ 219.00 89.00 for fans and R$ 1,199.00 the 2,100.00 R$ in case of splits. "The values are about the last year," says the seller, mending that since 2015 the demand for air conditioning comes losing space for ventilation products output, due to the drop in the income of the consumer.
At Walmart, the fans most wanted models are in the range of R$ to R$ 169.00 74.90. In October, during a week of rapid heat wave, the company registered a more than 70% growth in sales to fans of 30 cm and 40 cm, compared to a normal week of sales, according to the Press Office of the network. With sales records registered last October and in the previous summer to early 2016, Walmart bet in most economic models and with larger diameters (up to 40 cm). The expectation of the direction of the company''s double-digit growth in the sale of fans. The Manager of the Cold Point of Praia de Belas, Spiering Varlei ensures that the output of fans in neighborhood stores and in the Centre is "very good". "With the crisis, and the increased heat, the demand for cheaper items grew a lot. But in malls, the champion is still split, ensures.
The two Gaucho of Casas Bahia, the fans of 40 cm, and the splits of 9000 and 12000 BTUs are among the most sought after items in the segment. The shops are full, with stocks with about of 150 items of ventilation and around 50 split devices per unit, and virtually all models are on offer, the example of fans, from R$ 49.90. As the Press Office of the network, since Christmas of 2016, demand for these products increased by 100%.
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