Friday, May 15, 2015

Supermarket billing paulistas falls 7.8% in February

The drop in retail billing complete 12 consecutive months paulista. The supermarket sector fell from 7.8% in February compared to January 2015. In comparison with February 2014, there was low of 0.1%. The data are of PCCV (Economic Survey of retail trade in the State of São Paulo), conducted monthly by FecomercioSP (Federation of trade in goods, services and tourism of the State of São Paulo) from Sefaz information (Secretaria da Fazenda do Estado de São Paulo).
According to the economic relations of the Federation, the weak movement of the supermarket sector ( -0.1) also causes apprehension, since the sector (which has greater relative weight in retail) points reflection of fragility of the income and employment indicators at the beginning of year.
Of the nine surveyed activities, eight presented fall and four had two-digit low expressive compared to February 2014: car dealerships ( -20.8%) and furniture stores decoration ( -18%), textiles and clothing stores shoes ( -13.8%) and auto parts and accessories ( -11.6%), which together represent 4.4 percentage points of the overall fall 5.7% accurate in total retail. Growth of 0.4% in the segment of other activities, the only the high register, mitigated the fall in overall result in 0.1 percentage point. In February, general retail retraction was 5.7% in comparison with the same period in 2014 and monthly revenue reached r $ 38.5 billion.
With the February results, estimates of economic advice from FecomercioSP point an unlikely possibility of re-composition of economic agents ' confidence in the short term, and the fall semester can be even sharper and go from 1% to -4%. With this scenario in a worsening of the economic climate and also the political environment, the commitment of corporate sales retailers points to a pullback of up to 5% during 2015.
Supermercado Moderno - 13/05/2015
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