Thursday, February 05, 2015

Non-alcoholic beverages manufacturers try to reduce water consumption

The Abir (Industry Association of soft drinks and Alcoholic Drinks) is moving to not be as affected by the water crisis affecting mainly the Southeast. Its newly elected President, the lawyer Alexandre Jobim, son of former Minister Nelson Jobim began to articulate and negotiate solutions to this that is the main concern of the companies in the sector right now.
The water crisis is the novelty in an industry that has in its main water supplies, and took part in a meeting held yesterday (3/2) by Abir. At least two factories, one located in São Paulo and one in Minas Gerais in the Southeast region, two of the States most affected by the crisis, already thinks of changing their operations. "There is a great deal of concern and willingness of industry engagement in projects to address the problem of water," said the leader of the Abir.
Are 30 billion gallons of water expenditures in manufacturing of drinks properly spoken, in addition to the 45 billion liters used in the entire production process. That is, for each liter is contained in the package, the industry uses 1.5 liter in the production process. It is in this space that should focus the efforts of companies to adapt to the new times of water scarcity.
In the early 90, for each liter in the bottle were consumed three liters in the productive process. The short-term goal now is to reach 1.2 litre for each in packaging and, later, the parity of one by one. This is the first action to be taken. "The industry is alert," says Alexander Jobim, "from now on we will have water as the focus of our concern".
The industry of soft drinks and alcoholic not want to assert, in Brasilia, its weight in the economy: annual revenues of $ 60 billion, still numbers of 2013, which represents around 1.3% of gross domestic product, and the annual payment of $ 20 billion of taxes. Associated investments are estimated at $ 7 billion annually, $ 41 million being directed to sustainability projects, they should be expanded.
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