Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Minas Gerais invests in the potential of coffee consumption in China

The Government of Minas Gerais sent 50 special roasted coffee samples to China. The samples were delivered to Chief Consultant Li Xia, Huixin Management Consulting, group representative and owner of cafes and shops specializing in gourmet coffees in various parts of the world. The cafes, which are already on their way to China, will be assessed by sensory analysts of a supermarket chain, potential buyers of the mining production of specialty coffees, in an action by the Secretariat of Agriculture, livestock and food supply (Seapa) and the Agency for Promotion of Investment and foreign trade of Minas Gerais (Indi).
The Department of Agriculture of Minas accompanies the data miner agribusiness exports since 1997. That year, according to the historical series of Seapa, Minas Gerais, largest national producer of coffee, exported just over one thousand sacks of grain to the Chinese market, reaching revenues of $ $239,600. Two decades later, the volume exported in 2017 reached 44200 sacks and revenue of $ $7.9 million. Towards 2016, the closed deals with the Chinese market grew by 15.1% in revenue and 23.3% in volume.
Globo Rural - 17/04/2018
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