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October, 2015

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Piracanjuba designs 15% advance in the year

10/30/2015 - The Piracanjuba, one of the largest dairy in the country, is expected to end the year with gross sal

Portugal wine producers invest in cheaper brands

10/30/2015 - Coming out of the economic crisis, although slowly, Portugal Brazil search refuge for their wine pro

Ambev's profit climbs 4.9% with premium mix and greater direct distribution

10/30/2015 - The company had significant growth of 24.6% to 10.74 billion R$. According to Ambev, the result was

Course: Negotiation on purchases and supplies

10/30/2015 - Come and join this course, in São Paulo, 17 days and 11/18/15, at the Hotel Slaviero Slim Congonhas,

Luxury market may have negative record, says consulting

10/30/2015 - The global market for personal luxury goods is heading towards the weakest year since 2009, because

Generic record Unpublished Hits Record

10/30/2015 - The national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) granted the record to the medicine trimetazidine di

Walmart provides for an increase in the sale of Flowers

10/30/2015 - Walmart stores are already stocked to meet the growing demand for flowers in holiday of all souls '

Supermarket sector Registers drop-0.96%

10/30/2015 - Accumulate sales drop-0.96% from January to September, compared to the previous year, according to O

Supermarket sector registers fall of 0.96 percent in the year, says Open

10/29/2015 - Sales of the supermarket sector accumulate 0.96% drop from January to September compared with the sa

M White announces that Markdown will happen in November

10/29/2015 - The M white, owner of brands such as Adria, Isabela, Zabet, Vitarella, reported yesterday (27/10) th

Alckmin proposes increase in GST for beer and cigarettes

10/29/2015 - Was sent yesterday (28) to the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo (Alesp) proposal to in

Walmart broadens portfolio and launches line of beauty products

10/29/2015 - The retailer Walmart, specializing in electronics and items for the home, announced the entry of bea

Brewery provides high with franchise system

10/29/2015 - Fritz Artisanal Brewery, based in Campinas, chased away the crisis with the opening of franchises in

Despite drop in Argentina, wine production advances 2%

10/29/2015 - World production of wine increased by 2% in 2015 and was 275.7 million hectolitres. The Italy resume

Advances Hypermarcas Division sale

10/29/2015 - Negotiations for the sale of diapers Hypermarcas for the American Kimberly-Clark-who would have a be

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