Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Natura makes 30 years and launches Sève fragrance Sweet Almonds Intense

New body oil is inspired by the more classical fragrance line and get a younger, modern version
Released in 1983, the first deodorant body oil the country emerged as a novelty item for the woman who wants to take care of themselves, through the soft touch and texture that gives the skin. The awakening of femininity and sensuality have become, over the years, an invitation of Sève women to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence to unite, with practicality and pleasure, perfumery and hydration.
And, to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the best-selling body oil line of Brazil *, Sève launches a new fragrance, inspired by the classic Sweet Almonds. With a younger version, the sweet almonds Intense translates the story of an iconic and timeless product in new cartridge, more feminine and modern.
The intense aroma and velvety touch of almond oil, present in all the formulations of Sève, outcrop the beauty and sensuality of women, rescuing the delicacy in skin care.
The classic body oil sweet almond has undergone four renovations throughout its history, especially in the form of its packaging. Today, the news are also in the new PET bottle with 30% recycled material and also in the new cartridge in the line, more feminine with curves and movements in your graphic clipping which refer to the leaf and the SAP, so that the routine bath welfare never ends.
Guia da Embalagem - 17/09/2013
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