Friday, August 23, 2013

Mavalério enters the market of chocolates

Mavalério, a company with 45 years of experience in the market of candies and confectioneries, joins now on the market of chocolates, Chocolatier-branded. The release came under the responsibility of the agency Integrated Project – PI.
After the work of product conceptualization, the agency initiated the study of lettering and brand creation, you should refer to the concept Chocolatier – character in the culinary world – as well as convey the nobility of ingredients used in the product development. The use of a handwritten letter is the idea of submission of a dessert and the gold refers to a noble product. The image of the dessert has featured on the packaging, reflecting the concept of product that has striking flavor and stands out in the category. The creaminess is represented on splash "Creamier" and has enhanced the birthplace of melted chocolate on the bottom of the Pack.
The verse presents, with photos, different forms of melting chocolate, and includes a QR Code that directs the consumer to videos of recipes and step-by-step instructions for using the product. The packaging was printed by Print in flexography Qualy 8 colors and with lamination in BOPP mate.
Embalagem Marca - 22/08/2013
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