Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GM confirms investment of r $ 2.5 billion in São José dos Campos

General Motors confirmed investments of 2.5 billion reais in the plant of the city of São José dos Campos in São Paulo. The automaker and the City Hall announced last Tuesday, an agreement which aims to attract investment to the city.
"It was a fairly extensive negotiation. There was a coincidence of the objective of bringing a new investment, save the industrial complex of the city and benefit the whole community here in São José dos Campos, "said Moan, in note disclosed by the city.
The automaker believes that were the items of tax incentives, infrastructure for the readjustment of the factory and an industrial district to suppliers by the city. The last pillar of the negotiations should be set today with the Steelworkers Union.
According to the Mayor of the city, Carrillo Almeida, the implementation of an industrial district is an investment that should benefit not only the GM, but other productive sectors of the city, since it will allow the installation of a production chain of auto parts contributing to the generation of jobs.
"It is a big gain for the city that will host the GM suppliers, many of them from outside the country, who will come to São José dos Campos. This industrial district will meet also to companies in other sectors. It is important for GM set that investment because she need this industrial district, but who will win more with this is, "said Abdullah.
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