Friday, March 20, 2020

Department of Agriculture of SP develops flexible packaging to market canned palm heart

Through the Institute of Food Technology (ITAL), the Department of Agriculture and Supply of the State of São Paulo has developed flexible packaging for the packaging of the canned palm heart with the same capacity as traditional bottles. The new technology presents advantages to producers, such as reduction in thermal processing time with consequent reduction of energy consumption and lower weight and volume of the packaging. All this favors decision-making in the logistics field by providing alternatives for packaging and transport of the final product. The research involving the use of flexible packaging for the packaging of the canned palm heart emerged in 2013, based on the need to adapt the industrialization conditions of the product. The project entitled "Development of technology for acidified canned palm heart processing, packed in flexible packaging composed of different polymers" was developed by ITAL and funded by the Research Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo (FAPESP). Alternative The technology developed by the institute provides the canning palm processing industry with a safe alternative with a viable cost for the industrialization of a canned palm. This is an excellent example to elucidate the importance of the use of public resources in technological research, whose application favored the agro-industrial sector, one of the sectors that most need support to develop. The research lasted on average two years and had a team of 20 trained tasters, who evaluated the palm heart samples packed in flexible packages comparing them with the palm heart packed in glass pots. The appearance, color and characteristic odor of the palm heart were evaluated. Currently, the secretariat works on the transfer of this technology to industries, facilitating production and generating profit opportunities.
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