Friday, December 21, 2018

Action with free sample potentiates rapprochement between industry and retail

Retail and brazilian industry have intensified the process of rapprochement in recent years in different ways. Among the initiatives, actions involving free samples have become way to publicize the product launches and retain the final consumer to the different formats. One of the examples of retailers who are working closely with manufacturers to add value to products is the shoe store and clothing Dafiti. "We have identified this opportunity to generate more satisfaction when the customer receives the product at home, considering that, at the time of receipt of the item, there is great expectation of the consumer," argued the Director of B2B e-commerce Dafiti, Francisco Faulhaber. The account Executive that there is "selectivity" in the choices of these gifts according to the customer's profile and that actions are carried out according to previous studies and analysis. "Every time we seek to make a marriage between the public profile and the type of action. We've done initiatives with items like perfumes, liquid soaps and food products, "said the Executive. According to him, there's a certain frequency for sending these free samples, which can vary from one week to three months. As a result of this effective customer approach strategy, Faulhaber also highlights commercial benefit from actions such as this goes beyond the added value to products. "What we identified as well with this type of action is to know the customer's consumption habits by means of surveys and questionnaires. For us, understand consumer profile is important for the development of new solutions and services of the company, "said the Executive. In the same perspective drawn by Faulhaber, another retailer who saw the opportunity to engage the client through free samples is the Ri Happy, specializing in toys and games for children. "This year, we started a series of free samples with items such as baby wipes, cookies of Nestlé, diapers and diaper rash cream. What we realized is that purchases are made on weekends. Our approach is always geared to the child's parents, "argued the responsible for marketing partnerships of Ri Happy, Paulo Rogério Pomponio. In the opinion of the Executive, depending on the customer's profile and, especially, the location, the character of the action can vary from store to store. "The perception of these initiatives is greater in more ' popular ' business, especially when directed to the C & D" recalls Pomponio. As regards the periodicity of each commercial activity, Pomponio States that "generally the actions take a month" and that do not occur at the same time important dates of retail, because the "rhythm" of consumption in stores is fast and, in this way, the purpose of samples free loses its meaning. "We try to coordinate those measures, for example, with the promotional calendar, taking into account aspects such as the film industry," he added. Another example of approaching the retailer industry is the network of shops Marisa. "The implementations of these actions vary according to existing campaigns, being always a complement to the strategy of the company. We look for products related to the feminine universe and suitable for our client, "said marketing director Marisa stores, Andrea Sanchez, noting that the retailer's shares have had items like women's fragrances, liquid soaps and shampoo. Making the bridge one of the startups that make the link between national industry players with the retail sector establishments and services is the Samplify. "Sometimes, the person is not in a very good day and she wins a chocolate, tea, perfume. Her mood changes. Automatically she associates the establishment to a pleasurable sensation received a treat and this is a great strategy to retain this customer, "argued the founder of startup, Ernesto Villela. Currently, the actions taken by the company are in 3000 points of sale spread for about 200 cities in the country. On the side of the industries, the startup provides services for companies such as Coca-Cola, Balducco, Avon, O Boticário, Nestle, Unilever and Bic.
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