Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Nestlé will elevate food analysis capabilities with new drive in Brazil

SÃO PAULO-provide food fresh and increasingly safe with greater agility quality analyses--these are some of the reasons behind investments of about 20 million reals of Nestlé in expanding your Technology and quality Center, which will operate in São Paulo.
The investment, announced on Tuesday, occur in a time when the company seeks to Captivate consumers increasingly demanding and with new eating habits in the country, the fourth overall market Swiss company.
"What we envision is increasingly have the fastest product for the consumer," said the General Manager of the Center for technology and quality of Nestlé, James Politi, in an interview with Reuters.
The new Center, which will work in the industrial park of Macaws (SP), from November, will provide an increase of at least 20% on ability to technological unit analyses, which today works in São Paulo.
The Nestlé factory in Araras is one of the 31 that the company has in Brazil, while the quality centre will be a reference for other laboratories installed at each plant of the company in the country.
With the expansion, the center of analysis will be more prepared for the launch of new products, with an eye on a demanding and competitive consumer market, said Politi, who started working at Nestlé for about 20 years, as an intern.
"The definition of investments aims to modernize to offer consumers a better product quality and be more competitive," he commented, noting that the Brazilian reference center is one of the 24 units of the genre of Nestle in the world.
Last year, for example, a major dairy product line of Nestlé was released in Brazil with methodologies developed in the Center.
In General, the products analyzed in the unit are coffee, milk, cocoa, flour, grains like soybeans and corn, and vegetables, among others, the Executive noted, citing still high level of accuracy in testing.
As an example, he said that the milk until you reach consumers, passes for about 500 different tests.
The company carries out microbiological tests, chemical and physical contaminants research, always with more stringent requirements than those required by brazilian legislation, to assist consumers with some margin of safety, and also by the fact that the brazilian unit be exporter.
The laboratory unit, which already receives food samples from Peru, Chile and Argentina, also can increase product reviews from other countries, with the expansion of capacity.
The idea of installing the Center in Araras, where the company opened your first unit in Brazil, in 1921, said Politi, due also to the fact that the region count with major Brazilian universities, which facilitates the training of professionals, something that Nestlé considers.
The unit of analysis work currently 45 people, including chemicals, biologists, pharmacists and technicians in food, a team that should be expanded along with the expansion of the laboratory Center.
DCI - 23/05/2017
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