Friday, October 06, 2017

Coca-Cola seeks use of 50% recycled PET in their packaging until 2020

The importance of recycling. To all: producers and consumers. Can you imagine how many packages of PET bottles are used every year in the world only by Coca-Cola? In 2016, were 110 billion. This same. And it was 1 billion packaging more than in 2015. Are PET packaging used 3500 per second.
Today, only 25% of recycled PET is used on bottles of Coca-Cola. The company wants more: promises that this index jump to 50% in 2020.
Many PET packaging for drinks end up in landfills. Not enough, through the selective collection, sorting sheds for subsequent recycling. But even going to landfill, technology already exists in the world today to make separation and then plastic recycling going to landfills. It's a question of investment and regulations to facilitate this business in Brazil.
Maxiquim – 04/10/2017
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