Monday, October 16, 2017

Cautious, Brazilian up yogurt, sour cream and other items

Despite signs of economic recovery, the Brazilian remains concerned, thinking that inflation could rise and unemployment, too. So, it still supplies the pantry with Staples like sugar, instant coffee and powdered detergent. And is learning to live without yogurt and sour cream, among other products
This caution has to do with the scenario that the population draws for the next six months. "The perception that inflation and unemployment will increase rose due to the recent fall in personal income and the future financial situation," said Marcia Cavallari Nunes, President of Ibope intelligence.
Before that, the consumer still cautious when going to the supermarket. Research conducted by Kantar Worldpanel: consumer, 11300 households across the country, identified that this behavior reflects a tight budget. "Even though 2017 is better in terms of inflation, the rate of unemployment follows. This benefits the food and products which are purchased more frequently. For now, consumers are more rational to do their shopping, looking for the best deals and the most appropriate packaging, "said Christine Parker, commercial Director of Kantar.
According to her, although the study was conducted in the first six months of the year, the portrait of Brazilian habits remains unchanged on half of this semester. The survey, covering 82% of the population in cities with more than 10000 inhabitants, has detected that the consumer is learning to live without some products like sour cream, cheese type "petit suisse", hair straighteners and pasteurized milk.
Frozen potato, soy-based drinks, chocolate milk powder and Burger are being purchased with more judiciously. The products had retraction for two consecutive semesters and growth in the first six months of this year. In the first half, the basket of perishables had 10.2% retracement in units purchased and 13.1% in tons, as compared to the same period last year. If they are considered all products, the volume consumed in tons rose 1.2% in the first half, compared to the previous year. In this case, the highlight is to boost sales of drinks in Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Alagoas and Paraíba.
The Brazilians from the North and Northeast are going shopping less often, but lead the volume consumed in tons, in the country. The Director of Kantar explained that this movement is caused by the growth of atacarejos, especially in Ceará. In the southern region also records an increase in the number of products purchased, with reduced frequency in stores.
In Sao Paulo, was decrease of 2.1% in tonnes consumed, while trips to stores were stable. The great river, for your time, had 3.3% indentation, in tons, but the number of purchases rose 5.6%. In metropolitan areas, more frequent purchases are made for small spare parts from the pantry, especially in Rio de Janeiro.
Supermercado Moderno - 13/10/2017
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