Thursday, November 03, 2016

Kirin Brazil improves sales and reduces injury

The Brazil Kirin, Kirin controlled Japanese group and owner of brands such as Schin Wanton, and gave signs of improvement in its operation in the country, after more than a year of adjustment. In the first nine months of the year, the company reported an operating loss of 8.9 billion yen (286 million R$), compared with a loss of 11.7 billion yen in the same range of 2015 (308.4 million R$). In the period, the company recorded improvement in sales volume, with market share of beer.
In Brazil, net revenue fell to 19.6% Kirin in yen, peaking at 79.1 billion yen (2.54 R$ billion), compared with 98.4 billion yen (2.59 billion R$) in the same range of 2015. In real, the pullback was minor, of 2%.
The sales volume of beer in Brazil increased Kirin 2% year to date through September. The company highlighted a 56% in sales from Dissolute label in the third quarter, after re-branding. In the same range, the Brazilian beer market shrank 1.7 percent, which indicates an increase in market share from Kirin Brazil this year.
Ambev, the Brazilian market leader, recorded in the first nine months of the year, a fall of 6.2% in sales volume and 3.1% in revenue. Grupo Petrópolis, second largest competitor in the country and owner of Itaipava, recently released a growth of 2% to 3% in revenue this year. Heineken, the third largest industry competitor, showed a single-digit drop in volume sold in Brazil in the third quarter.
The Brazil Kirin said in report that the improvement in performance is a reflection of the company''s effort to reduce costs, expand the distribution and improve your operational efficiency. In the North and Northeast, the company concentrated on broadening the brand''s sales Schin, resulting in a recovery in sales volume. In the Southeast and South, the focus were sales of special marks, with the distribution of brand reinforcement Eisenbahn. The company added that the repositioning of the brand Devassa, now in the premium category, also generated increased sales.
For the year, the company projects a 1.8% increase in revenue in Brazil, reaching 3.8 billion R$, and an operating loss of 318 million, compared with R$ a R$ 509 million loss last year.
The Kirin still evaluates alternatives to improve the profitability of brazilian operation, including a strategic partnership in production and distribution or a joint venture to manage the operation of Brazil Kirin.
In the world, the Kirin Group, reported high of 36% in net profits, to 71.5 billion yen (US $ 716.9 million). Overall revenue fell 5.4 percent to 1.54 trillion yen ($ 14.7 billion).
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