Tuesday, September 29, 2015

PIS/Cofins credits for dairy products will depend on improvements in milk

Dairy cooperatives and companies that wish to keep the credits State suspected of PIS/Cofins will need to present projects to improve the quality of milk from 1 October, as law No. 13,137/2015, which should be regulated next week. The clarification will be arranged for Gaucho industries on Monday, in a meeting, from the 1:30 pm, at the headquarters of the Union of the dairy industry of Rio Grande do Sul (Sindilat), in Porto Alegre.
Present at the meeting, the Executive Secretary of the Sindilat, Darlan Palharini, points out that this topic will be discussed among the members, and even believes that the projects are focused on the control of tuberculosis and brucellosis in the herd. That's because this certification is recommended for international business and the ease of understanding by the Irs, which will analyze the projects. Consequently, a certified property usually have milk quality and financial results better than a non-certified property.
In addition it is important for the conquest of markets, it is essential for public health. The Union's concern is also to inform you that all companies and cooperatives interested in keeping the credit, regardless of the option by municipal, State or federal inspection, will have to submit the proposals on regional offices of the Ministry of agriculture.
Jornal do Comércio - RS
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