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High costs and inflation press bakeries

The bakery and confectionery industry seeks ways to cope with the constant increase in costs without harming the clientele. Survey by the technological Institute of baking and confections (ITPC) points out that the industry's expenses have increased 48.5% between 2010 and 2014. Just last year, the prices of products purchased by the wholesale bakeries have registered average 8.71% increase, while the high salaries was 18.2% and the cost of packaging and electric power advanced 13.3% and 14.8%, respectively.
However, according to the Vice-President of ITPC, Emerson, Amaral, sales of establishments haven't grown in identical proportion, which forces companies to review some practices. "The scenario of economic crisis changed the consumption habits, which imposes changes to all segments, including the bakery. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to check processes, since the definition of the layout of the store to the products and services offered, "says.
Amaral added that one of the strategies to be adopted at the moment is the greater diversification of products offered. So you can make better use of the space and provide more convenience to customers. He considers that, although smaller bakeries have negotiating power with suppliers in comparison with the supermarkets, it is possible that other grocery items to acquire customers, provided that the difference in prices is not exorbitant.
The Vice-President of ITPC still stresses the importance of qualifying labour, because professionals are, in General, more productive. For Amaral, the entrepreneur must provide the training of employees and, thus, minimize the chance of errors and waste inputs.
Passthrough-the bakery Vianney, district officials (South Central region), try not to change the final prices. "My expenses to Pluto, but I can't go over to the client. After all, the purchasing power of the majority is shrinking ", stresses the owner, Peter Santiago. However, he admits that it is increasingly difficult to maintain the strategy. This is because the high dollar is reflected in the price of wheat flour and imported products acquired more time for a more affordable price has also sold out.
The entrepreneur intends to include new products in the mix, already composed of 3 thousand items between resale and manufacturing itself. Santiago explains that the idea is to get innovative recipes in other regions of the Country and virtually unknown in the State capital. "With this, there are fewer chances of buyer can't go to the store, because some products will not be found anywhere else," he argues. Even betting on innovation, Santiago points out that 65% of customers going to the bakery with the main objective to seek the traditional French bread.
Despite the pessimistic mood, Santiago not discouraged. For almost 40 years in the business, the entrepreneur experienced several other turbulent moments that, at the end, not weakened the business. "Entrepreneur's life is not a bed of roses. So, you need to know how to take advantage of the success and, at the same time, dribble those times less favorable, "he notes.
High costs also forces the bakery Luciana, Nova Cintra district (Western region), the fit. Not to overload the clientele, who suffers with the advance of inflation, the solution found was to minimize profit margins and reduce the team of collaborators. Last year, the company had 35 employees, but are now only 31 employees. The cuts have focused primarily on the service area.
In addition, the owner, Raimundo Francisco Chili, reveals that the bakery has drawn up a study to identify the products with greater acceptance. "I realized that we were investing a lot in items that had no demand and, at the same time, were expensive, as the specialty breads. So, we give up to continue insisting on them and interrupt the manufacturing ", declares.
The company maintains the production of other almost 200 items, but the main two are the bread of salt and cheese bread. "We are mindful all the time and draw alternatives to relieve the effects of the crisis. What we can't do is stand by and wait for the situation to improve naturally, "he says.
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