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July, 2020

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Government studies 0.4% tax on electronic payments

7/31/2020 - Ministry of Economy argues that tax will allow payroll exemption and creation of the Brazil Income p

Number of Brazilians away from work by pandemic drops to 7 million

7/31/2020 - In the previous week, 8.3 million were in this situation, while in the same week of May the quota wa

Why is telemarketing back?

7/31/2020 - Brands such as Carrefour, Chilli Beans and Skol adopted telesales to serve the unmade public of the

Reasons for why cases of covid-19 have grown again in Brazil

7/31/2020 - Curve of new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Brazil reversed downward trend, and, since last week,

School in Bahia transforms green banana into biodegradable packaging

7/31/2020 - Packaging have the ability to completely disintegrate into nature around twenty to thirty days.

Chinese company and World Bank partner to ensure sustainable soybeans

7/31/2020 - Work will focus on the screening of producing farms in the Brazilian Cerrado region with areas in th

USP engineers create biodegradable plastic

7/31/2020 - A new type of biodegradable plastic, whose raw material is cassava starch, was produced in partnersh

Intensity Highlight

7/31/2020 - Pilão Capsules Packages Gain New Design

Six out of ten companies experience negative pandemic impacts

7/30/2020 - Firms with up to 49 employees were the most affected by social isolation, and 2 out of 3 companies i

Paraná signs agreement to test SinoPharm's Chinese vaccine

7/30/2020 - This is the 4th immunization against Covid that will be tested in Brazil.

Unilever will increase use of recycled by up to 25% by 2025

7/30/2020 - Plan also plans to cut half the environmental impacts of the company's products by 2030

Cyber attacks cost R$5.88 million for companies in Brazil

7/30/2020 - Personal data of customers were exposed in 80% of the violations analyzed; Artificial Intelligence a

Ahlstrom-Munksjö solution for the medical-hospital sector

7/30/2020 - New surgical grade paper for sterilizable packaging, Adcraft BE, is produced in Brazil.

Cepêra no e-commerce

7/30/2020 - Platform serves all national territory

GPA profits 20% less in the second quarter

7/30/2020 - Acquisition expenses of the Colombian group Almacenes Éxito minimized the jump in sales amid the cor

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