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July, 2020

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Number of producers of cachaça and brandy fell 22% in 2019 in Brazil

7/23/2020 - Number of brandy establishments plummeted 41.5%, while cachaça had a 6% decrease. Industry entity sa

Brazilians hope brands will help solve the crisis

7/23/2020 - Edelman study maps confidence in the scenario, indicating that consumers expect companies to meet in

Snack immune to crisis

7/23/2020 - Launches meet consumer and retail needs

Vedacit becomes unique brand in portfolio

7/23/2020 - Packaging has also been reformulated to highlight the attributes of each product, function, applicat

Ice cream in new packaging

7/23/2020 - Perfetto's Big Roll Line now in flowpack

Preview of industry confidence shows recovery in July, says FGV

7/22/2020 - Improvement in the feeling of entrepreneurs in relation to the industry occurs amid the relaxation o

Ipea announces proposals to accelerate development after pandemic

7/22/2020 - Document included a number of measures for various sectors

Chinese coronavirus vaccine may be released at the end of the year

7/22/2020 - New Secretary of Health of SP, infectologist Emílio Ribas, Jean Gorinchteyn took over the folder on

Covid-19 opens window for Embraer and customers probe anticipate delivery of ...

7/22/2020 - Pandemic has strengthened in the market the space for smaller aircraft, point executives of the airl

Bayer launches carbon capture program for farmers in Brazil and usa

7/22/2020 - Pesticide production giant will remunerate producers in cash or credits for the purchase of products

Piracanjuba invests R$ 80 million in cheese factory in Paraná

7/22/2020 - São Jorge D'Oeste will host the largest cheese factory in the country

Financial market forecasts economic decline by 5.95% this year

7/21/2020 - Forecast adjusted from 6.10% to 5.95%

Test promises to detect Covid-19 in 20 minutes

7/21/2020 - Researchers in Australia develop testing that uses a method similar to that of laboratories that ide

Quarantine: although tired, Brazilians do not agree with end

7/21/2020 - Research by Culture Lab, africa agency, reveals that 76% of the population does not agree with the f

Cookies grow on Cash & Carry

7/21/2020 - Category moves R$ 18 billion per year

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