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July, 2020

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Savings with Packaging

7/16/2020 - Ceagesp has reduction in food losses

Deforestation worsens credit rating of Brazilian companies, says study

7/16/2020 - According to researchers at the London School of Economics, exports of raw materials in the country

Fast Cash offers credit

7/16/2020 - Carrefour anticipates receivables for farmers

Pandemic closes 39.4% of companies paralyzed, says IBGE

7/16/2020 - In total, there were 522,700 deals closed in the first half of June

Supermarkets accumulate growth of 5.63%

7/16/2020 - From January to May, the supermarket sector accumulated a real high of 5.63% compared to the same pe

Cases of covid-19 in São Paulo should expand by 2021, says Butantan

7/15/2020 - With the current isolation, the rate of contagion should stabilize between September and November 20

Input and Output Control

7/15/2020 - Linx solution monitors flow of consumers, with the possibility of thermal reading and detection of t

Modern discloses details of covid-19 vaccine: 100% success

7/15/2020 - The vaccine is mostly safe and has generated immunization responses that can protect patients

Nestlé launches Alpine chocolates and Sensation powder

7/15/2020 - Drinks will be available in stores from August. Last year, the company released special edition of G

Tuna Bellycha

7/15/2020 - Robinson Crusoe expands gourmet line

Elma Chips packaging gets new design

7/15/2020 - Elma Chips presents new design of the classic Cebolitos, Baconzitos, Stiksy and Pingo D'ouro

GDP preview indicates economic activity growth in May

7/14/2020 - In April, central bank indicator had plummeted because of coronavirus pandemic

Opportunities, even in times of crisis

7/14/2020 - Attention to new occasions of consumption, maintenance of investments in marketing and agility to of

After Ultrapar, emissions of Brazilians abroad border R $ 33 billion

7/14/2020 - Petrobras pulled queue of corporate debt issues, followed by Nexa, Rumo, Vale and now Ultrapar

Stores towards the end of 2020

7/14/2020 - Sugar loaf grows 12% in sales with new format

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