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July, 2020

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Data indicate that worst of the crisis is behind, but uncertainty remains high

7/7/2020 - Economic indicators for May and June indicate a reaction of the Brazilian economy and signal that th

Physalis hits the market with vegetable and vegan proposal

7/7/2020 - Physalis brings high performance products that diversify the beauty industry for purposes beyond cos

Paçoquita is now also ice cream

7/7/2020 - Paçoquita starts to offer pasta ice cream

Revenue data show that June was the month with the highest issuance of invoices

7/6/2020 - Government economic sources had already indicated that the bottom line of the effects of the pandemi

Ibovespa rises 2.25% with Chinese enthusiasm and privatizations

7/6/2020 - The Brazilian stock market follows the foreign market after Chinese government says it will support

Scientists say coronavirus is airborne

7/6/2020 - Researchers ask WHO (World Health Organization) to review safety recommendations, as particles would

Renner's weapons in the crisis: super fast production and little stock

7/6/2020 - At Renner, national production takes up to 45 days, and distribution uses artificial intelligence. A

Pizza Hut creates triple box for family meal

7/6/2020 - The product is available with up to 40% discount compared to the purchase of the items separately, a

Mini Market in condominium

7/6/2020 - Nutricar invests in convenience format

Heineken 0.0 hits the Brazilian market

7/6/2020 - Zero alcohol version of the premium beer brand officially reaches the Brazilian market.

Digital food sales advance

7/3/2020 - Supermarket chains and online platforms expand operation and invest in technology to support high de

Pharmaceuticals give up profit with Oxford vaccine against covid-19

7/3/2020 - Seen as one of the most promising by experts, Oxford vaccine will be tested on 5,000 Brazilians

SMEs seek support in crisis

7/3/2020 - Visa research reveals key concerns

Bethany presents milk drink in unprecedented packaging in Brazil

7/3/2020 - Flexible jar-shaped packaging for fruit vitamin and Bat Gut milk drink

Fashion not WhatsApp

7/3/2020 - Renner anticipates digital transformation projects

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